Providing healthcare to any and all who need it is essential for growth to occur within a community. We have not funded the basic components to our healthcare system which allow coverage to those who are most vulnerable. 

Our children, our parents and our families are entitled to a health care system that works. 

Healthcare is a right, not a privilege. 


In the last decade we've seen a tremendous decline in attention given to our roads, sidewalks and bridges. Maintaining a healthy infrastructure is crucial to our environment.

With easier access to green spaces, bike lanes, and proper public transit systems, impoverished areas of the commonwealth would be able to see a decrease in the unemployment rate and an increase in the quality of life. 

We need to invest in our public schools.  Virginia's schools are consistently underfunded and the average teacher pay is much lower than our nation's average. Teachers continue to take on new burdens with no compensation.  

We need to invest in our teachers so they can continue to invest in our students' futures.  

Strong schools make strong communities.

Dr. Ben Pearson-Nelson for Delegate

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